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First University Archivist, Father Henry Browne, ca 1940s

First University Archivist, Father Henry Browne, ca 1940s

Serving as the institutional memory of the Catholic University of America and as a depository for the papers and records of the nation's Catholic leaders and important organizations since the 1940s, the American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives' collections originated in the 1880s with the establishment of the University. These earliest collections comprise our Museum Collection, which amounts to about 5000 objects. Our University records and personal papers/organizational records collecting began in earnest in the 1940s, with the acquiring of papers related to Catholic labor leaders and organizations, and has since expanded to include records of a range of national Catholic organizations. The Archives contains about 350 personal papers and organizational records collections relating largely to the national Catholic experience, and about 100 University records collections. We welcome researchers wanting to examine all of our unrestricted collections.

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