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The material found in the University Collections documents the history of CUA through photographs, audio recordings, and film. Not all of the University Collections have been processed, nor are accessible due to the 50-year restriction applied to University records for security purposes. The collections below that have been processed do not fall under this 50-year restriction because they contain materials produced for publication. A few of the collections have been digitized, and are available on the Digital Collections page.

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Arranged Alphabetically
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Audio Visual, Office of, 4.5 feet; 3 boxes.
Alumni Relations, Office of, 9 feet; 8 boxes.
American Catholic Historical Association, 1.25 feet; 1 box.
Athletics, Department of, 55 feet; 44 boxes.
Boys Town (Life Cycle Institute), 1.5 feet; 1 box.
Cardinal Yearbook, 2.75 feet; 2 boxes.
Cardinals Dinner, 1.5 feet; 1 box.
Center for Planning and Information Technology, 1.25 feet; 1 box.
CUA University Photographic Collection, 100 feet; 80 boxes.
Development, Office of, 4.25 feet; 3 boxes.
Drama, Department of, 5.25 feet; 12 boxes.
Education, Department of, 1.5 feet; 1 box.
Enrollment Management, Office of, 1.25 feet; 1 box.

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Golden Jubilee, 1.5 feet; 1 box.
Hartke, Father Gilbert Vincent Ferrer, Papers and Photographic Collection, 1940-1986, 50 feet; 44 boxes.
Honors (See University Honors Program).

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Keane, Bishop John Joseph, Photograph Album, 1896, 1.9 feet;1 box.
Law, The Columbus School of, 1.25 feet; 1 box.
Life Cycle Institute (See Boys Town).
Magner, Monsignor James Aloysius. Papers (Photographic, Scrapbooks, and Moving Image Series). ca.1920-1994, 125 feet (40 feet; 38 boxes.) films, slides, etc.
Maroon, Fred J., Photographic Collection, ca. 1953-1989, 6 feet; 4 boxes.
Media Studies, Department of, 4.5 feet; 3 boxes.
Music, The School of, 218.8 feet; 19 boxes, 75 shelves.
Nursing, The School of, 3.25 feet; 3 boxes.

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President, Office of the, 10 feet; 13 boxes.
Provost, Office of the, 1.25 feet; 1 box.
Public Affairs, Office of, 85feet; 186 boxes. 
Theology and Religious Studies, The School of, 2.75 feet; 2 boxes.

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University Center for Student Program and Events, .25 feet; 1 box.
University Honors Program, 1.5 feet; 1 box.

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