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Descriptive Summary

Repository: The American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives
Creator: John Brophy
Title: The Papers of John Brophy
Dates: 1918-1963
Extent: 33.5 linear feet, 55 boxes, 6 oversized boxes.
Abstract: The John Brophy Papers includes personal and official records that span his entire life in the labor movement.
Collection Number: ACUA 006

Biographical Note

Throughout his life John Brophy (1883-1963) supported organized labor as a miner, union activist, and union official. As a youngster he emigrated from England to the United States in 1892 with his parents. Born and reared by a union supporting coal miner, Brophy entered the mines with his father as a teenager in 1894 and joined the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) in 1899. An activist in the union, he was elected president of District #2, representing Central Pennsylvania, in 1916. As a member of the Nationalization Research Committee in the early 1920s he vigorously supported the nationalization of the mining industry. Brophy maintained his position as President of UMWA District #2 until 1926 when he challenged John L. Lewis for the Presidency of the UMWA. After opposing and losing to Lewis in 1926, he was expelled from the union on charges of dual unionism.

Between 1927 and 1933 Brophy did not serve in the labor movement in any official capacity, but continued to be active in supporting organized labor. He visited the Soviet Union with a trade union delegation in 1927, taught for a labor school in Pittsburgh, researched the history of mining in the United States, and continued to support the UMWA and the nationalization of mines. He also worked for the Columbia Conserve Cooperative, a cooperative in Indiana run by the father of labor activist Powers Hapgood. A self-educated man, Brophy spent some of this time studying economics and philosophy. He also encountered the papal encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII (Rerum Novarum, 1891) and Pope Pius XI (Quadregisimo Anno, 1931). These papal pronouncements on the social well being of people helped Brophy mesh the two most important components in his personal philosophy and life: his deep faith in Catholicism and his unflinching support of workers and organized labor.

In 1933 Brophy returned to organized labor in an official capacity when UMWA President John Lewis brought him back into the UMWA bureaucracy. Brophy then quickly became an important figure in the national office of the Committee for Industrial Organizations (CIO) after Lewis, Sidney Hillman, and other AFL leaders formed the industrial union federation in 1935. He worked as the CIO's first National Director from 1935-1938 and as the Director of Industrial Union Councils and Director of Industrial Unions. Regardless of official position in the national CIO office, Brophy tirelessly traveled the country assisting in the creation and functioning of state and local industrial union councils, supporting important strikes, and speaking at national union and state and local industrial union council conventions as a representative of the national CIO. Brophy was a mainstay in the CIO national office during its entire 20 year existence as an independent labor federation. He also took numerous foreign trips as a CIO representative to international labor organizations like the World Federation of Trade Unions and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and served on a number of government agencies as labor representative, like the National War Labor Board and the Wage Stabilization Board.

After the merger of the AFL and CIO in 1955 Brophy continued to work in the national AFL-CIO office as a trouble shooter and with the Community Services Department. He also served on the Advisory Committee on Civil Defense Administration for the United States Department of Labor. Brophy finished a draft of an autobiographical manuscript that was later edited and rewritten with the help of John Hall and published as John Brophy: Miner's Life, (1964), a year after Brophy died in 1963.

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Scope and Contents

The John Brophy Papers includes personal and official records that span his entire life in the labor movement. However, the materials related to his years in the United Mine Workers--Series #1-- are sparse. They include important documentation of his work on the Nationalization Research Committee in the early 1920s and his challenge to the Lewis Presidency in 1926. This small series includes correspondence, speeches, clippings, official memos, reports, and three scrapbooks. The official UMWA District #2 Records at the University of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Archives are a more much extensive and complete source for Brophy's work as UMWA District #2 President between the 1916-1926 period.

The second series--Congress of Industrial Organizations/American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations Series--represents the largest portion of the collection. The series includes correspondence, speeches, a scrapbook, CIO minutes and reports, and clippings that span his entire career in the CIO and AFL-CIO national offices. The series includes materials on the formation of the CIO and its creation of a national structure. Brophy's role in the establishment of CIO state and local industrial union councils and their maintenance can be seen, particularly the CIO's involvement in the factional struggle in the Los Angeles IUC. He served as a trouble shooter in the early years and assisted in number of strikes, like the UAW's historic Flint Sit-Down strike in 1936-1937. Brophy's role as CIO representative on government agencies, like the Wage Stabilization Board, and in international labor organizations, like the World Federation of Trade Unions and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, is also documented. The series also includes many speeches that Brophy delivered throughout the country to unions and state and local IUCs.

The third series is comprised of personal materials and ephemera. It includes John Brophy's family and business correspondence, diaries/appointment books, materials related to his retirement and death, book research notes and drafts, and oral histories. Brophy's diaries/appointment books were kept for years while in the labor movement primarily to keep track of expenses and appointments, but they occasionally include personal observations as well. Brophy's personal research interests are well documented with his research notes for a number of research projects, most extensively on mining in the United States. A completed but unpublished manuscript, "The American Coal Miner,"and a partly autobiographical draft--"Twenty Years with the CIO?--used by John Hall in the writing of John Brophy: Miner's Life, are also in this series. There are also two rather lengthy interviews with Brophy, one conducted by John Hall for the book. There is also interviews conducted by John Hall with Adolph Germer and Reverend Ensworth Resiner.

The fourth series, the Publications Series, is comprised of published materials kept by John Brophy. The series is primarily UMWA, AFL and CIO publications, such as union convention proceedings, pamphlets, and union newspapers. But the series also includes some Catholic pamphlets and newspapers and some government publications.

The fifth and final series is composed of photographs that document John Brophy's career in the labor movement. The roughly 60 photos include the first house he lived in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania, his trip to the Soviet Union in 1927, the CIO's first Constitutional Convention, and many traditional photos from his numerous foreign trips.

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The Papers of John Brophy consists of six series:

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Restrictions on Access


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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

John Brophy arranged to donate his historical records to The Catholic University of America (CUA Archives) prior to this death. After he died in 1963 his daughter Jacqueline Brophy transferred the records kept at his home and Howard Holman transferred records maintained at the AFL-CIO offices in Washington, DC. The bulk of the John Brophy Papers came from these two deposits which entered the CUA Archives on April 18 and 19, 1963. In July 1966 Jacqueline Brophy and her brother Philip Brophy donated assorted memorabilia, personal mementos, and materials related to John Brophy's death and memorial service. In December 1991 Jacqueline Brophy donated An American Coal Miner, a completed but unpublished manuscript written by her father, John Brophy.

Processing Information

Processing completed in November 2000 by Joseph Turrini. Data entry by Clint Tibbs and Joseph Turrini. EAD markup completed in March 2005 by Washington Research Library Consortium. Additional EAD markup completed in October 2005 by Jordan Patty. Minor revisions by W.J. Shepherd in 2011.

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Related Material

Articles Listed in Chronological Order

Brophy, John. "The Miner's Program." Survey Graphic 1:6 (April 1922), 1026-1029.

Brophy, John. "A Coal Miner's Life."Heart's International XLII:3 (September 1922), 82-84, 108.

Brophy, John. "Nationalization: The Miner's Plan." Locomotive Engineer Journal (March 1924), 178- 179.

Brophy, John. "Defense of Democracy." Christian Social Action 6:5 (May 1941), 154-162.

Brophy, John. "War Aims of Democracy." Christian Social Action 7:6 (September 1941), 215-219.

Brophy, John. "Union Plan for Coal Industry." Labor and Nation 3:5 (September-October 1947), 32-35.

Brophy, John. "The Industry Council Plan." Commonweal XLIX:5 (November 2, 1948), 110-112.

Brophy, John. "CIO Charts New Roads." Labor and Nation 1:1 (January-February 1949), 18-19.

Brophy, John. "Are Labor Unions Here To Stay." Grail (May 1955), 15-19.

Brophy, John. "A Time For Planning." Commonweal LXXII:18 (September 2, 1960), 445-447.

Pamphlets Listed in Chronological Order

Brophy, John. The Miner's Program. February 22, 1921.

Brophy, John, Richard Gilbert and James Mark. The Government of Coal. United Mine Workers, District #2, 1921.

Brophy, John, CJ Golden, and William Mitch. Compulsory Information In Coal. United Mine Workers, Nationalization Research Committee, 1922.

Brophy, John. How To Run Coal. United Mine Workers, Nationalization Research Committee, 1922

Brophy, John. Why The Miner's Program? 1922.

Brophy, John. A Larger Program for the Miner's Union. November 1926.

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Significant Subject Topics

Columbia Conserve Company
Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
United Automobile Workers Union of America (UAW)
United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)
United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)-- Nationalization Research Committee
United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)--District #2
World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)

Brophy, John
Gleason, Arthur--correspondence
Lewis, John L.
Murray, Philip--correspondence

American Federation of Labor
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Fund for Public Service (Garland Fund)
Federal Civil Defense Administration--Labor Advisory Committee
Free World Labor Fund
Industrial Council Plan
International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers Union--factional conflict
Los Angeles Industrial Union Council--factional conflict
Mine industry--nationalization
Wage Stabilization Board

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Related Materials

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John Brophy Historical Marker

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Selected Bibliography on John Brophy

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Records, 1915-1935 (7 boxes)
Subseries 1.1 contains materials related to John Brophy's position in the United Mine Workers, particularly as District #2 President from 1916-1926. The records highlight Brophy's work on the UMW's Nationalization Research Committee in the early 1920s. Included are correspondence, research materials, clippings, and speeches. The records are organized by subject and are alphabetical.
Subseries 1.2 includes three scrapbooks kept by John Brophy between 1915-1926. The articles mostly relate to events that Brophy was involved in, like strikes, contract negotiations, and articles on the coal industry. Many of the clippings are from local Pennsylvania newspapers. Because of the fragility of the original scrapbooks copies of the scrapbooks are available to researchers. The copies are arranged in the same order as they are in the scrapbooks, which is mostly, but not perfectly, chronological
Subseries 1.1: Subject/Correspondence Subseries, 1916-1935 (4 boxes)
Box Folder
1 1 Allard, Gerry, correspondence 3-Mar-34
  2 American Fund for Public Service (Garland Fund), correspondence, statement 1927
  3 American Fund for Public Service (Garland Fund), correspondence, financial accounting January-June 1928
  4 American Fund for Public Service (Garland Fund), correspondence September-November 1928
  5 Ameringer, Oscar, correspondence 29-Oct
  6 Arbitration Board Minutes September 10-11, 1934
  7 Bailey, Forrest, correspondence June-July 1928
  8 Bittner, Van A., radio addresses on WMMN (Fairmont, West Virginia) May 5 & October 27, 1929
  9 Bituminous Coal Commission, proceedings 20-Feb
  10 Bureau of Industrial Research, notes(see also, Nationalization Research Committee & Gleason, Arthur, correspondence folders) 1922
  11 Car-Pushing Controversy, correspondence April, November 1916
  12 Coal industry, clippings from The Nation 1925, 1928
  13 Coal output statistics, District #2 1913-1921
  14 Coal stabilization legislation, draft Dec-34
  15 Coal stabilization legislation, drafts, proposals, outlines September-October 1934
  16 Coal stabilization, "Stabilization of Illinois Coal Industry," report (by Frank Farrington) 13-May-24
  17 Coke, Gas, and Chemical Industry, organizing reports June 1934, January 1935
  18 Coyle, Albert, statement on Communism 1926
  19 Criticisms of UMWA, clippings and press releases 1927
  20 District #2, memos to members (copied from John Brophy scrapbooks) 1917-1919, 1921
  21 Expulsion from UMWA, correspondence 28-May
  22 Farrington, Frank, correspondence 31-Jan
  23 Federal Coal Commission, Survey article ("What Lies Before the New Federal Coal Commission") 1922
  24 Federal Council of Churches, "Information Service" (bulletins) 1927-1928, 1931-1932
  25 Gelotte, Dominic, correspondence August, October 1933
  26 Germer, Adolph, correspondence (Brophy's expense accounting) 1930
  27 Gleason, Arthur, correspondence 1922
  28 Gleason, Arthur, correspondence 23-Jan
  29 Gleason, Arthur correspondence February-June 1923
  30 Gleason, Arthur, correspondence 23-Jul
  31 Gleason, Arthur, correspondence September-November 1923
  32 Gleason, Arthur, death. correspondence December 1923-January 1924
  33 Gleason, Arthur, memorial service, transcript 24-Feb
  34 Gleason, Arthur, research department report [c. 1922]
  35 Gleason, Helen Hayes, correspondence 16-Jul-24
  36 Guffey Bill, House hearings 1935
  37 Hapgood, Powers, correspondence 1927-1930
  38 History, unions, chapter (1917-1933) 11-Sep-33
Box Folder
2 1 House Labor Committee, Brophy statement to 22-Apr
  2 Hunger March, announcement (Pittsburgh) Nov-32
  3 Illinois mine unions, speech ("On a Bus in Southern Illinois") 1933
  4 International Workers' Defense League, newsletter (Mooney-Billings Defense) 4-Nov-16
  5 Kennedy, Thomas, correspondence 1933-1934
  6 Lewis, John L., AFL presidential support, correspondence, article 21-Jun
  7 Lewis, John L., correspondence December 1933-January 1935
  8 Lewis, John L., (District #2 coal contracts), correspondence 25-Sep
  9 Lewis, Kathryn, correspondence Jun-33
  10 Mark, James, correspondence 1933-1934
  11 Maurer, James, correspondence 1929, 1930
  12 McDermott, Pat, correspondence 30-Mar
  13 Miners' Program, correspondence, pamphlet 1921
  14 Miners' Program, "The Government and Coal," pamphlet 1921
  15 Miners' Program, "Why the Miners' Program?" pamphlet 1921
  16 Murray, Phil, article ("Human Relations In the Coal Industry") Jun-34
  17 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Adams, K.C. January-February 1933
  18 Murray, Phil, correspondence with John Brophy January-August 1934
  19 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Busarello, J.P 16-Aug-33
  20 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Feehan, Francis 16-Jul-34
  21 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Feeley, James March-April 1933
  22 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Gelotte, Domenick April-May 1933
  23 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Ghizzoni, John 1929-1933
  24 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Hall, Lee (UMWA International Rep.) Apr-33
  25 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Hayes, Frank (UMWA International Rep.) October-December 1933
  26 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Himler, Martin Aug-33
  27 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Hutcheson, William (Dir., Labor Bureau, Republican National Committee) Sep-32
  28 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Hudzinski, S.J., correspondence 1932
  29 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Hynes, William (President, UMWA Dist. #4) Nov-33
  30 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Johnson, Albert (Secretary-Treasurer, UMWA Local #2098) Apr-33
  31 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Jones, John T. (UMWA International Rep.) 1933
  32 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Lewis, John L. 3-Jan-34
  33 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Mark, James (President, UMWA Dist. #2) 1932-1933
  34 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Mitch, William (UMWA International Rep.) January-March 1933
  35 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Nairn, P.F. 1933
  36 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Nigro, N.F. (President, UMWA Dist. #15) 1-Oct-29
  37 Murray, Phil, correspondence with UMWA Local #1659 28-Aug-33
  38 Murray, Phil, correspondence with Wagner, Robert F. (US Senator) 30-Dec-33
  39 Murray, Phil, statement ("What Lies Back of the Coal Strike and What Lies Ahead") 22-Apr
  40 Nationalization, coal industry articles (Brophy and Golden) 1923-1924
  41 Nationalization, Lewis support, correspondence 21-Jun
  42 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence, notes 21-Oct
  43 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence, clippings, notes November-December 1921
  44 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence January-February 1922
  45 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence, press releases 22-Mar
  46 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence, statements April-May 1922
Box Folder
3 1 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence June-December 1922
  2 Nationalization Research Committee, "How to Run Coal," pamphlet 1922
  3 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence, clippings 23-Jan
  4 Nationalization Research Committee, correspondence, clippings February-March 1923
  5 Nationalization Research Committee, conflict with Ellis Searles, correspondence, clippings January-May 1923
  6 National Miners Union, statement on UMWA 1932
  7 Nelson, James, correspondence 5-Sep-34
  8 Nelson, Mike, correspondence Oct-32
  9 New Republic, Brophy letter to editor on Lewis, correspondence 29-Dec
  10 Onko, Micheal J. trial, Brophy testimony 1929
  11 Organizing mine workers, [stories or speeches?], drafts 1924
  12 Organizing, surveying Illinois district, correspondence October-November 1933
  13 Pennsylvania Federation of Labor, correspondence to affiliates 15-Jan-32
  14 Pennsylvania Federation of Miners, announcements to miners [c. 1932]
  15 Political program, article, notes 1922
  16 Presidential campaign (Save Our Union), clippings, correspondence, statements 1926
  17 Presidential campaign challenge, clippings, correspondence 1927
  18 Progressive International Committee of the UMWA, program statement 23-Jun
  19 Public Ownership League, speeches 1921, 1923
  20 Rank-and-File Convention, announcement 15-Apr-31
  21 Return to Nanty-Glo UMWA Local #1386, correspondence, announcement June-December 1936
  22 Report of John Brophy to District #2 members 27-Mar
  23 Report of John Brophy, "Supplementary Report RE Penn Central News" 11-Mar-24
  24 Save Our Union Committee, "The Coal Digger," clippings 15-Feb-28
  25 Senate Hearings on 30 Hour Bill (SB 87), statement by John L. Lewis 2-Feb-35
  26 Statement by John Brophy on Central Pennsylvania coal owners 4-Aug-24
  27 Straub, H.J., correspondence 28-Mar-22
  28 Strike, Cassandra. Pennsylvania, correspondence Mar-32
  29 Strikes, correspondence, clippings January-April 1922
  30 Strikes, correspondence, clippings 22-Aug
  31 Strikes, correspondence, clippings, press releases August 1922-January 1923
  32 Tearney, Leo, correspondence 22-Feb-32
  33 Toohey, Patrick, trial testimony, transcript [c.1929]
  34 UMWA, clippings (includes Save Our Union & Renton Strike/Brophy arrest) 1924-1928
Box Folder
4 1 UMWA, clippings, press releases December 1929-January 1930
  2 UMWA clippings 1931-1935
  3 UMWA Convention, correspondence, clippings 30-Mar
  4 UMWA Convention, minutes 29-Sep-21
  5 UMWA Convention, minutes 3-Oct-21
  6 UMWA, correspondence, notes 1932-1934
  7 UMWA Districts #5 and #12, correspondence to members 1932, 1933
  8 UMWA, election results September 1932-January 1933
  9 UMWA, national wage structure policies 1931, 1935
  10 Wagner, Robert F. (US Senator, D-NY), correspondence 1928
  11 Watson, James, correspondence 1928-1929
  12 Wheeler, Burton K. (US Senator, Montana), correspondence 1928-1929
Subseries 1.2: Scrapbook Subseries, 1915-1926 (3 boxes)
Box Folder
5 1 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 1-20 (copies) 1915-1919
  2 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 21-40 (copies) 1917-1919
  3 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 41-60 (copies) 1919-1922
  4 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 61-80 (copies) 1921-1922
  5 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 81-100 (copies) 1922-1923
  6 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 101-120 (copies) 1922-1924
  7 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), pp. 121-139 (copies) 1924
  8 Scrapbook #1 (1915-1924), loose clippings from back of book (copies) [c.1924]
  9 Scrapbook #2 (1921-1926), pp. 1-20 (copies) 1921-1922
  10 Scrapbook #2 (1921-1926), pp. 21-40 (copies) 1921-1923
  11 Scrapbook #2 (1921-1926), pp. 41-60 (copies) 1923-1925
  12 Scrapbook #2 (1921-1926), pp. 61-78 (copies) 1926
  13 Scrapbook #3 (1922-1925), pp. 1-20 (copies) 1924-1925
  14 Scrapbook #3 (1922-1925), pp. 21-40 (copies) 1925
  15 Scrapbook #3 (1922-1925), pp. 41-60 (copies) 1924-1925
  16 Scrapbook #3 (1922-1925), PP. 61-80 (copies) 1922, 1925
  17 Scrapbook #3 (1922-1925), pp. 81-100 (copies) 1922
  18 Scrapbook #3 (1922-1925), pp. 101-120 (copies) 1922
Box Folder
6 OS box Scrapbook # 1 (1915-1924) Scrapbook #2 (1921-1926) 1915-1926
Box Folder
7 OS box Scrapbook # 3 (1922-1925) Scrapbook #4 (1938-1941) [The copies from scrapbook #4 are located in the CIO/AFL-CIO Series] 1922-1925, 1938-1941
Series 2: CIO/AFL-CIO Records, 1935-1963 (21 boxes)
Subseries 2.1 has materials related to John Brophy's work in the offices of the CIO (1935-1955) and the AFL-CIO (1955-1961). The series includes correspondence, speeches given by Brophy, usually to the state and local IUC conventions, clippings, and materials related to his activities as a representative of the CIO and AFL-CIO to international labor organizations and U.S. governmental agencies. These records are organized by subject and arranged in alphabetical order.
Subseries 2.2 contains one scrapbook kept by John Brophy between 1938 and 1941. It includes articles related to the growth of the early CIO and John Brophy's role. Because of the fragility of the original scrapbook copies of the scrapbook are available to researchers. The copies are arranged in the same order as they are in the scrapbook.
Subseries 2.1: Subject/Correspondence Subseries, 1935-1963 (21 boxes)
Box Folder
8 1 African-Americans and the CIO, CIO statement and note 1939
  2 Alabama State IUC, convention speeches 1941-1942
  3 Alabama State IUC, correspondence 1941-1943, 1948
  4 Alabama State IUC, clippings, press release 1940, 1948
  5 Alert Against Communism in California, newsletter Mar-47
  6 Alien legislation, clipping Jul-39
  7 Allen Resolution testimony, preparation notes [c. 1952]
  8 Allen, Russ, correspondence 12-Jan-59
  9 Aluminum Workers of America, convention, clipping 9-Apr-38
  10 Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA), Joseph Schlossberg article ("Industrial Unionism"), correspondence Feb-36
  11 America, correspondence 1937-1938, 1948, 1960
  12 America, labor clippings 1937, 1945
  13 American Broadcasting Corporation, "The John Brophy Story" (2 parts), transcripts Jul-62
  14 American Catholic Sociological Society, correspondence, book reviews 1958-1959
  15 American Catholic Sociological Society, Industry Council Plan Committee, questionnaires, correspondence, reports May-August 1953
  16 American Catholic Sociological Society, Industry Council Plan Committee, questionnaires, correspondence, reports September-December 1953
  17 American Catholic Sociological Society, Industry Council Plan Committee, questionnaires, correspondence, minutes, clipping 1954
  18 American Catholic Sociological Society, Industry Council Plan Committee, correspondence, reports, minutes 1955-1956
  19 American Catholic Sociological Society, convention, Joesph Schuyler speech, "The Industrial Council Idea" 28-Dec-56
  20 American Communications of America (ACA), factional conflict, notes [c. 1947]
  21 American Congress for Peace and Democracy, press release Nov-38
  22 American Federationist, article, correspondence 1957-1958
  23 American Federation of Grain Millers', convention, speech 14-Oct-58
  24 American Federation of Labor, central and federal labor unions, flyers [c. 1935]
  25 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, clippings 1956
  26 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, clippings 1957
  27 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, clippings 1958
  28 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, clippings 1959
  29 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, "Collective Bargaining Report" Mar-56
  30 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Community Services Activities Committee, press release 26-Sep-57
  31 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Community Services Activities Committee, meeting, opening remarks 8-Jun-58
  32 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Community Services Activities Committee, report 13-Aug-59
  33 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Community Service Activities Committee, correspondence, reports, meeting minutes 1961-1963
  34 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, article ("The IUD Clearing House") Apr-57
  35 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, "Bulletin" (newsletter) 1956-1961
  36 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, convention, financial report July-September 1957
  37 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, expense reimbursement forms 1959-961
Box Folder
9 1 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, machine tool industry, press release 29-Apr-60
  2 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, publication list [c. 1960]
  3 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Department, Reuther, Walter, correspondence 1956-1961
  4 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, Industrial Union Council mergers, Johnstown, PA, speech highlights Jan-58
  5 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, office notes Feb-60
  6 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, staff correspondence 22-Aug-56
  7 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, unity conference, correspondence, reports, clippings, statements Oct-37
  8 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, unity conference, correspondence, notes, releases, clippings, minutes November-December 1937
  9 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, unity talks, clippings, correspondence, announcements 1939-1940, 1951
  10 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, unity conference, report, minutes, clippings, speeches 1954-1955
  11 American Federation of Labor, Federal Local #21245, correspondence to members Feb-40
  12 American Federation of Labor, publicity service, recommendations submitted to the Republican National Committee [c. 1939]
  13 American Federation of Teachers, Local #5, "Labor and Education," speech 2-Apr-38
  14 American Forum, "American Forum of the Air," statements, proceedings 15-Mar-42
  15 Americanism Committee of the Kings County American Legion, speech 15-Dec-41
  16 American Newspaper Guild, correspondence, speech notes, newsletters 1939-1940
  17 American Newspaper Guild, George Hutchinson factional conflict, correspondence December 1946-January 1947
  18 American Newspaper Guild, clipping, correspondence, flyer 1948, 1953
  19 American Parents Committee, correspondence Feb-61
  20 American Society For Race Tolerance, correspondence 14-Apr-39
  21 Annunziata, Brother Carmine, correspondence Jul-57
  22 Anstead, MC, correspondence 1937-1938
  23 "Anti-Semitism," speech [c. 1939]
  24 Arkansas State IUC, anti-union legislation, correspondence January-February 1947
  25 Associated Farmers of America, statement on [c. 1938]
  26 Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, correspondence, Labor Leader, flyer 1938-1939, 1952
  27 Atomic Energy, clippings 1954-1955
  28 Auios, Virginia, correspondence 9-Jul-53
  29 Austin, Ernest, correspondence Nov-53
  30 Automation, clippings, reports 1954-1955
  31 Automation, clippings, reports 1957
  32 Automation, notes 1962
  33 Ave. Maria, correspondence July-October 1937
  34 Axtell, Silas Blake, correspondence Jun-57
  35 Banta, Vernon, correspondence Jun-59
  36 Barkin, Solomon, correspondence Nov-60
  37 Barkley, Alben (US Senator--KY), correspondence 17-Aug-38
  38 Bar-Tal, Moshe, correspondence 1955-1956
  39 Beirne, JA (CWA), correspondence 20-Apr-60
  40 Benson, Elmer, clipping 3-Sep-37
  41 Benton, William (Assistant Secretary of State), correspondence 11-Feb-46
  42 Beyer, Clara, correspondence 12-Sep-49
  43 Biemiller, Andrew, correspondence 26-Feb-60
  44 Biographical information (Brophy) 1936-1963
  45 Bishop's statement (DC), "The Christian in Action" 1948
  46 Bissell, Hamilton, correspondence 3-Jun-57
  47 Bonacci, Frank, correspondence 24-Nov-53
  48 Bridges, Harry, correspondence 1937-1938
  49 British Trade Union Congress (visit to), memo/report on 18-Oct-55
  50 Broad, Stuart, correspondence 15-Jul-55
  51 Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, National Conference of Negro Railroad Workers, conference call May-39
  52 Browne, Reverend Henry, (CUA Archives), correspondence 1953-1954
  53 (Greater) Buffalo IUC, executive board statement 29-May-42
Box Folder
10 1 Bureau of Personnel Administration, speech ("Collective Bargaining Today") 28-Jan-38
  2 Cadman Open Forum--Central Congregational Church, speech 15-Jan-39
  3 Calhoun, Arthur, correspondence March-April 1962
  4 California State IUC, clippings 1938-1948
  5 California State IUC, Labor Herald, correspondence 1943-1946
  6 California State IUC, resolution, affiliation summary 1953
  7 California Political Action Committee (PAC), correspondence, flyers January-May 1948
  8 California Political Action Committee (PAC), correspondence, statements June-May 1948
  9 Cambria County Sesquicentennial, announcement Jul-54
  10 Campbell, Reverend Paul, correspondence 26-Aug-37
  11 Carey, James, correspondence 1951-1961
  12 Carlton, Winslow, correspondence 26-Aug-58
  13 Carney, John, correspondence 1955, 1957
  14 Catholic Association for International Peace, correspondence (form letter) 22-Oct-57
  15 Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, correspondence (form letter) Apr-60
  16 Catholic Committee of the South--Industrial Relations Department, correspondence, speech notes January-April 1953
  17 Catholic Conference on Industrial Problems, correspondence, speeches, clippings 1946, 1950-1951
  18 Catholic Employers and Managers Study Group, correspondence Sep-58
  19 Catholic Herald Citizen, correspondence, clippings 1937-1938
  20 Catholics and the CIO, clippings 1936-1939, 1944
  21 Catholics and the CIO, The Lamp, clippings January-June 1939
  22 Catholic Social Welfare Conference, speech ("Labor and the Social Encyclicals") 1956
  23 Chaplin, Ralph, The Rough and Tumble Story of and American Radical, clippings, book reviews November-December 1948
  24 Christian Family, correspondence Mar-39
  25 Christian Front, correspondence 2-Jul-38
  26 Christenson, Brother John, correspondence 1958
  27 Chronological list of Brophy's activities 1956-1957
  28 Clausen, Bernard, correspondence Dec-36
  29 Clayman, Jacob (and Nick Zonarich), correspondence 1960-1961
  30 Closed shop, articles 1939
  31 Cleveland IUC, speech, correspondence April 1939, April 1946
  32 Colorado State IUC, clippings, correspondence 1940, 1942
  33 Commonweal, article reprints, correspondence 1938, 1949, 1954, 1958, 1960
  34 Communism/Soviet Union, clippings 1939-1958
  35 Company unions, Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Oct-35
  36 CIO Committee for American and Allied War Relief, press release 22-Dec-41
  37 CIO Committee on Regional Development and Conservation, press release 11-Aug-49
  38 CIO, Community Services Committee, Hudson Shore Labor School Conference, program, speech May-June 1947
  39 CIO, Community Services Committee, Perlis, Leo, correspondence 1950-1955
  40 CIO, Community Services Committee, speech ("The CIO-CSC Program") 1954-1955
  41 CIO, comparison with AFL, union membership [c.1938]
  42 CIO, conference planning notes September-October 1937
Box Folder
11 1 CIO, conference, reports, resolutions April12-13, 1938
  2 CIO, constitutional convention, motion, clippings April-October 1938
  3 CIO, constitutional convention, farm resolution, draft Nov-38
  4 CIO, convention, correspondence, notes 1940
  5 CIO, convention, Reverend Thomas Tobin, statement 22-Nov-48
  6 CIO, convention, speech (not delivered) Dec-54
  7 CIO, correspondence 1953-1954
  8 CIO, director's report February 21, July 2, 1936
  9 CIO, director's report November 7-8, 1936
  10 CIO, director's report 9-Mar-37
  11 CIO, director's report 11-Oct-37
  12 CIO, director's report 12-Apr-38
  13 CIO, election committee report Feb-38
  14 CIO, executive board meeting, reports, press release 13-Jun-39
  15 CIO executive board meeting, Phil Murray speech on economic stabilization Jan-44
  16 CIO, executive board meeting, transcript (partial) [c. 1939]
  17 CIO, financial reports May 1936-September 1937
  18 CIO formation, press releases, office notes, correspondence, clippings Nov-35
  19 CIO formation, press releases, correspondence, speeches Dec-35
  20 CIO formation, press releases, correspondence Jan-36
  21 CIO formation, correspondence, notes, reports Feb-36
  22 CIO formation, press releases, correspondence March-May 1936
  23 CIO formation, press releases, correspondence, clippings, meeting notes June-August 1936
  24 CIO formation, press release, correspondence, meeting notes October-December 1936
  25 CIO formation, correspondence, notes March-May 1937
  26 CIO formation, correspondence, notes, speeches August-December 1937
  27 CIO, form letters to IUCs 1938, 1941
  28 CIO, International Committee, agenda, notes May-June 1953
Box Folder
12 1 CIO, National War Relief Committee, International Labor Project Report [c. 1947]
  2 CIO, notes, clippings, correspondence 1938
  3 CIO, notes, press releases, correspondence 1939
  4 CIO, notes for speakers 1942
  5 CIO Political Action Committee (PAC), speech ("Labor and Industrial Planning") Jan-44
  6 CIO, political policy, notes 1948
  7 CIO, preamble Nov-46
  8 CIO, president's meeting, notes, correspondence 11-Nov-38
  9 CIO, press release 24-Apr-42
  10 CIO, publication list [c. 1953]
  11 CIO, resolutions, reports Sep-42
  12 CIO, social security, report 13-Jun-39
  13 CIO, summer school, legislation and politics study group Jul-47
  14 CIO, Unemployment Committee, minutes 15-Jun-38
  15 CIO, Unemployment Committee, report 12-Jun-39
  16 CIO, Union News Service, chronology of CIO 1937
  17 Connecticut State IUC, convention, speech 16-Jan-43
  18 Conroy, Patrick, correspondence 1955-1962
  19 Cooperative League of the USA, speech 29-Sep-42
  20 Corporate tax rates, Nat Goldfinger (AFL-CIO Research Department), statement to the House Oct-59
  21 Council Against Intolerance in America, correspondence, speech 1942, 1951
  22 Cox, Archibald, correspondence Jan-61
  23 Coyle, Albert, correspondence Aug-52
  24 Craig, George, conversation notes on Lewis and the Communist Party 18-Aug-58
  25 Cronin, Reverend John, correspondence 1957, 1960, 1962
  26 Croyle, Allen (UMW Local #3648), correspondence 1954, 1960
  27 Daily Herald (England), correspondence Sep-55
  28 Daily Labor Report June, September, 1952
  29 Dalley, Fred, correspondence 1950-1951, 1954
  30 Darby, Reverend Thomas, correspondence Nov-39
  31 Davy, William, correspondence, clipping May-59
  32 Day, Dorothy, correspondence Sep-37
  33 DeCaux, Len, correspondence July-August 1946
  34 Defense Production Act, amended text, conference reports, clippings, analysis 1950-1952
  35 Delauretis, Frank, correspondence September 1958-January 1959
  36 Demchak, Michael, correspondence 1947-1949, 1953-1961
  37 Denver IUC, correspondence May-42
  38 Depression, clippings 1956, 1960
  39 Des Moines IUC, convention, resolutions, song lyric sheet Jun-53
  40 Deverall, Richard, correspondence (Christmas card) 1953
  41 Devlin, Howard, correspondence 25-Aug-54
  42 Dickerson, Earl, correspondence, speech to National Lawyers Guild May-42
  43 Dies Committee, communism (includes charges against John Brophy), correspondence, clippings 1938-1939, 1943, 1949
  44 Dies, Martin, correspondence 10-Jan-38
  45 Donnelly, Muriel, correspondence July-August 1955
  46 Donoughe, Vera, correspondence 18-Jun-54
Box Folder
13 1 Donovan, Daniel, correspondence 7-Jul-53
  2 Dore, Vincent, correspondence 22-Nov-55
  3 Draper, Theodore, correspondence March-April 1959
  4 Drolet, Father Jerome, correspondence 10-Apr-39
  5 Dubinsky, Dave (ILGWU), correspondence 1937-1938
  6 Dubinsky, David (ILGWU), correspondence 1959
  7 Dudley, Tilford, correspondence 18-Mar-59
  8 Dues Check-off, clipping Aug-37
  9 Dulin Men's Club, speech ("Trade Unionism and Community Action") 14-Dec-59
  10 Economic Cooperation Administration, correspondence July-August 1949
  11 Ellickson, Katherine Pollack, article, "Labor's Demand for Real Employment Security" 1945
  12 Entertainment Industry Unions, clippings Aug-39
  13 Extension Magazine, correspondence Aug-37
  14 Farrell, Louis, correspondence Apr-39
  15 Fair Employment Practice Committee, speech, correspondence 1944-1946
  16 Family Services Association of America, speech ("The Common Goals of Labor and Family Service Association") Apr-57
  17 Family Service Association of America, reports, correspondence 1959-May 1962
  18 Family Service Association of America, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports Jun-62
  19 Family Service Association of America, correspondence, meeting agendas July 1962-February 1963
  20 Farm Equipment Workers' Association (Steel Workers Organizing Committee), "Grand Victory Celebration" program 12-Mar-38
  21 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence, meeting minutes 1953-1954
  22 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence and minutes January-March 1955
  23 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence, meeting, minutes April-July 1955
  24 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence, meeting, minutes April-September 1955
  25 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, meeting materials October-November 1955
  26 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence, reports, minutes 1956
  27 Federal Civil Defense Administration-Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence, meeting, minutes, agenda 1957, 1959
  28 Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, "Information Service" (newsletters) March 1950, June 1953, 1958
  29 Federation of Flat Glass Workers of America, correspondence, speech 1938
  30 Feehan, Francis, correspondence Apr-55
  31 Fight for Freedom-Labor News Service, press releases June-August 1941
  32 Fisher, Ben, correspondence 29-Oct-53
  33 Flack, Germain, correspondence Feb-59
  34 Flaherty, Robert, correspondence 1959, 1962
  35 Fletcher, Earl (jury duty), correspondence July-September 1960
  36 Flubacher, J. F., correspondence 1959-1960
  37 Food and Tobacco Workers of America, clipping 8-Jul-46
  38 Foreign Policy, statement on world problems [c. 1939-1945]
Box Folder
14 1 Foreign Service Selection Board, correspondence, newsletters 1955
  2 Fortune, "Wages: Squaring the Circle" May-43
  3 Francis, Sister John, correspondence July, 1958
  4 Franklin, Jay, "We the People," columns 1937, 1941-1942
  5 Free World Labor Fund, clippings 1953-1954
  6 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence Apr-53
  7 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence May-53
  8 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence Jun-53
  9 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence Jul-53
  10 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence Aug-53
  11 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence Sep-53
  12 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence October-December 1953
  13 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence January-March 1954
  14 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence April-May 1954
  15 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence July-October, 1954
  16 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence November 1954-October 1955
  17 Free World Labor Fund, correspondence (financial) April-June, 1956
  18 Free World Labor Fund, ledger book (financial records) 1953-1955
  19 Free World Labor Fund, publicity pamphlets, posters, drafts 1953-1954
  20 Free World Labor Fund, resolutions of support of CIO 1953
  21 Free World Labor Fund, speech, "International Affairs" 1954
  22 Free World Labor Fund, speech, "Why the Free Labor Fund?" 1953
  23 Free World Labor Fund, statement of receipts (financial records) 1953-1954
  24 Free World Labor Fund, statement of receipts (financial records) Feb-55
  25 Furniture Unity Conference, speech 27-Nov-37
  26 Furumai, Yoshiro, correspondence Jun-55
Box Folder
15 1 Galenson, Walter, address 1955
  2 Georgetown University, correspondence 1945, 1955
  3 German Industrial Cooperation, summary Jan-53
  4 German refugee children, senate resolution and comments 1939
  5 Germer, Adolph, correspondence, clipping, note 1935-1940
  6 Ghizzoni, John, correspondence July-August 1954
  7 Gillan, Jim, correspondence November, 1954
  8 Gludski, Joseph, correspondence 30-Jun-54
  9 Glass, Ceramic, and Silicia Sand workers, convention, speech ("Labor Unity and the War") 24-Jul-42
  10 Goldberg, Arthur, correspondence 1960-1963
  11 Golden, Clinton, correspondence 1949, 1957, 1960
  12 Goldfinger, Nat, correspondence 30-Jan-62
  13 Gompers, Sam Dedication, clippings Oct-51
  14 Goodman, Walter, correspondence 1956
  15 Government and Civic Employees Organizing Committee, "Service," newsletter Sep-55
  16 Green, William, statement on Smith Bill (HR 7647) 8-May-52
  17 Green, William, correspondence February 1934, July 1935
  18 Green, William, United Mine Workers membership, correspondence, statement May-November 1936
  19 Gross, Bertam, correspondence Apr-38
  20 "Guaranteed Annual Wage," speech Nov-53
  21 Haas, Bishop Francis, correspondence 1952-1953
  22 Haigler, Carey, correspondence 16-Nov-54
  23 Hall, Hiram, speech to Hawaii Employers Council Industrial Relations Council 21-Mar-52
  24 Hall, Kermit, correspondence 20-Jan-61
  25 Hannon, Jerome, correspondence Nov-54
  26 Hapgood, Powers, correspondence, clippings, obituaries 1935-1936, 1947, 1949
  27 Haywood, Allen, correspondence, clipping 1950, 1952
  28 Helstein, Ralph (United Packinghouse Workers of America), correspondence 1957, 1960, 1962
  29 Hensler, Reverand Clark, correspondence 1945, 1953
  30 Hickerson, John, correspondence 1956
  31 Higgens, Monsignor George, correspondence 1945, 1950-1961
  32 Higgins, Reverend George, Yardstick columns 1952-1953, 1957-1958
  33 Higgins, Reverend George, Labor Day statement 1962
  34 Hillenbrand, Harold, correspondence 28-Nov-55
  35 Hoehler, Fred, correspondence 6-May-60
  36 Hollywood, organizing, correspondence, report 1938
  37 Hollywood, organizing, correspondence, reports 1939
  38 Housing Workers Union, Apex Hosiery lawsuit, correspondence, press releases 1939
  39 Howland, Harold, correspondence 9-Apr-56
  40 Hudson Shore Labor School, speech 26-May-47
  41 Hurley, Reverend Joseph, correspondence, clipping Jul-41
  42 Hutchinson, John, business card 2-Feb-61
  43 Industrial Insurance Agents Union, Local #30, correspondence 4-Aug-42
  44 Industrial Union Councils, affiliation list Jan-47
  45 "Industrial Union Councils and the Community," speech [c. 1946]
  46 Industrial Union Councils, constitution and by-laws, sample draft 10-Apr-37
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  48 Industrial Union Councils, limits and functions, clippings 1948
  49 Industrial Union Councils, report on legislative activities 1941
  50 Industrial Union Councils, regional conferences, program, notes, correspondence, clippings October 1952-August 1953
  51 Industrial Union Councils, regional conferences, program Jan-54
  52 Industrial Union Councils, speech ("Full Production and the Industrial Union Councils") 28-Jun-45
  53 Industrial Union Councils, state conference proceedings January 4-6, 1949
  54 Industry Council Plan (ICP), clippings 1942-1959
Box Folder
16 1 Industry Council Plan, Commonweal article ("A Time for Planning") Sep-60
  2 Industry Council Plan, memo to Walter Reuther 22-Jul-58
  3 Industry Council Plan, Senate Bill 3121 Feb-60
  4 Industry Council Plan, speeches, resolutions, notes 1945-1949
  5 Industry Council Plan, speeches, notes 1953-1954
  6 Industry Council Plan, speeches, resolutions, article 1955-1960
  7 Industry Council Plan, speech ("Industry Council Plan of the Encyclicals") Apr-60
  8 Inland Boatmen's Division, report to CIO 29-Aug-39
  9 Illinois State Industrial Union Council, correspondence, convention program 1953
  10 Indiana State Industrial Union Council, speeches to convention 1939-1940
  11 Inflation, clippings 1943, 1957
  12 Inter-American Catholic Social Action Congress, correspondence, program May 1955-January 1956
  13 Inter-American Catholic Social Action Congress, correspondence, program, reports, clippings February-March 1956
  14 Inter-American Catholic Social Action Congress, correspondence 1958
  15 Inter-American Social Action Conference, report Sep-48
  16 International Affairs, speeches [c. 1953]
  17 International Confederation of Free Trade Union (ICFTU), American Trade Unions Representatives Meeting, transcripts 10-Nov-50
  18 ICFTU, Asia delegation, initial report Nov-50
  19 ICFTU, Asia delegation, itinerary and correspondence 1950
  20 ICFTU, Asia delegation, preliminary report Sep-50
  21 ICFTU, Asia delegation, press notes Sep-50
  22 ICFTU, chronological notes 1950
  23 ICFTU, clippings 1950-1951, 1955
  24 ICFTU, CIO press releases 1950-1953
  25 ICFTU, CIO World Affairs School, program Jan-54
  26 ICFTU, correspondence September-December 1950
  27 ICFTU, correspondence January-May 1951
Box Folder
17 1 ICFTU, correspondence June-October 1951
  2 ICFTU, correspondence 1953-1955
  3 ICFTU, Executive board meeting report and emergency meeting notes May, September 1950
  4 ICFTU, Hong Kong Labor Movement, report 1950
  5 ICFTU, "Inter-American..Labor Bulletin," newsletters January-April 1951
  6 ICFTU, news bulletins 1951, 1953
  7 ICFTU, New York office, appointment of John Brophy, correspondence, notes September-November 1950
  8 ICFTU, publications, (Free Labor World, August 1950; Free Trade Union) 1950
  9 ICFTU, regional conference, Mexico City, announcements, lists of participants, rules [c. 1951]
  10 ICFTU, regional conference, Mexico City, financial records 1950
  11 ICFTU, report ("European Trade Unions and Related Matters") Jun-49
  12 ICFTU, report ("United Stated Objectives and Opportunities in Southeast Asia"), by Allen Griffin Aug-50
  13 ICFTU, Ruttenberg, Stanley, statement on foreign affairs to House 29-Jul-53
  14 ICFTU, statement to UN on economic and social development problems Aug-51
  15 ICFTU, "The First Year of ICFTU,' by J. H. Oldenbroek [c. 1954]
  16 ICFTU, Voice of America speech Mar-51
  17 International Fur and Leather Workers Union, convention, speech, clipping May-June 1939
  18 International Juridicial Association, monthly bulletin Oct-36
  19 International Labor, clippings 1949-1954
  20 International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU), workers education, articles 1939, 1944
  21 International Longshoremen Association (AFL), newsletter ("Shape-Up") Apr-40
  22 International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, correspondence, press release 1938, 1949
  23 International Trade Organization report, by Rober Terrill 1948
  24 International Union of Electrical Workers, convention, speech 24-Sep-58
  25 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, correspondence 1937-1939, 1946
  26 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, correspondence with IUCS on factional conflict March-April 1947
  27 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, correspondence with IUC on factional conflict May-47
  28 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers Union, CIO report May-47
  29 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, correspondence with IUCS on factional conflicts Jun-47
  30 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, correspondence with IUCS on factional conflicts 3-Jul-47
  31 International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, correspondence with IUCS on factional conflict July 7-August 13, 1947
  32 International Woodworkers of America, National Defense Mediation Board case, press releases 1941
  33 International Woodworkers of America, pamphlet ("National Committee to Gain Entry for Prichett") 1938
  34 International Woodworkers of America, clipping, correspondence August 1944, April 1948
  35 International Woodworkers of America, National War Labor Board and prison labor in lumber industry, statement 1943
  36 International Woodworkers of America, correspondence 1955, 1957-1958
Box Folder
18 1 Iowa State IUC, correspondence, constitution, convention reports 1952-1953
  2 Iowa-Nebraska State IUC, conventions, speeches 1939, 1942
  3 Israel delegation, reports, clipping, itinerary Sep-55
  4 Israel delegation (Philip Murray Memorial Center), Israel press 1955
  5 Jackson, Gardner, correspondence 4-Sep-57
  6 Jacobs, Albert, correspondence 18-Apr-60
  7 Javits, Jacob, correspondence 2-May-60
  8 Johnson, Georgia, correspondence 14-Apr-60
  9 Joiner, Mildred, correspondence [c. 1961]
  10 Joint Emergency Committee meeting, speech Mar-43
  11 Joint Maritime Legislative Committee, juridicial conflict, correspondence Mar-39
  12 Jones, Ernest, correspondence Nov-59
  13 Kaiser, Philip 21-Sep-49
  14 Kennedy, Joseph, correspondence July 9, 1957
  15 Kennedy, Thomas, correspondence 1937, 1952, 1955
  16 Kentucky State IUC 1945-1946
  17 Kheng, Lim Cher, correspondence 14-Jul-58
  18 Killingsworth, Charles, correspondence December 1952, March 1953
  19 Kinch, Joseph, correspondence Mar-56
  20 King-Ramsey-Connor Defense Committee Feb-40
  21 Knoxville IUC, correspondence 1954
  22 Labor and Democracy, speeches 1939, 1942, 1944
  23 Labor and Nation, article, correspondence 1948-1949
  24 Labor and the War Conference, speech, correspondence April-May 1942
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  26 Labor for Victory, speeches 1943, 1944
  27 Labor Standards, bill 1938
  28 LaFollete, Robert, free speech violation report 15-Apr-38
  29 (The) Lamp, correspondence, clipping 1936-1938
  30 Landay, Donald, correspondence 6-Mar-53
  31 Latin American Committee, speech [c. 1948]
  32 Lee, Milton, correspondence Jan-60
  33 Lennon, Thomas, correspondence 14-Sep-53
  34 Letterhead, CIO and Union Labor College of Pittsburgh [c. 1920s-1930s]
  35 Lewis, John L., Sulzberger article [c. 1942]
  36 Lewis, John L., support of Wilkie, correspondence, clippings April-November 1940
  37 Lewis, John L., correspondence June-July 1941
  38 Lightnin' Aug-39
  39 Liquori, Sister M., correspondence 2-Jan-58
  40 Longo, John, correspondence, clippings, flyers 1939-1943
Box Folder
19 1 Los Angeles Committee for National CIO, meeting minute digest March1, August 20, 1948
  2 Los Angeles IUC, CIO charges against [c. 1948]
  3 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence, releases, statement 1938
  4 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence July-December 1946
  5 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence Feb-47
  6 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence May-October 1947
  7 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence Feb-48
  8 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence Mar-48
  9 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence April-December 1948
  10 Los Angeles IUC, correspondence January-February 1949
  11 Los Angeles IUC, flyers [c. 1940s]
  12 Los Angeles IUC, meeting minute digest 16-Jan-48
  13 Los Angeles IUC, meeting minutes digest February 6, March 5, 1948
  14 Los Angeles IUC, meeting minute digest April 2, June 18, 1948
  15 Los Angeles IUC, meeting minute digest, secretary's report on state conference Jul-48
  16 Los Angeles IUC, meeting minute digest December 3, 1948, May 3, 17, 1949
  17 Los Angeles IUC, open letter to Phil Murray 19-Mar-48
  18 Los Angeles IUC, Proceeding of CIO Conference on Minorities Work Jan-48
  19 Los Angeles IUC, Report on the National CIO Convention Nov-48
  20 Los Angeles IUC, Socialist Workers Party report on labor in Los Angeles Feb-49
  21 Lovell, John, correspondence 23-Feb-39
  22 Lovestone, Jay correspondence, clipping 1937, 1954
  23 Lucey, Reverend Robert, correspondence Sep-38
  24 Maas, Major General Melvin, correspondence Apr-59
  25 MacMahon, Arthur, correspondence 27-May-58
  26 Mahoney, Thomas, correspondence Dec-54
  27 Mallon, Peter, correspondence May-59
  28 Malloy, Mike, correspondence 12-Nov-54
  29 Marciniak, Ed, correspondence 1953-1962
  30 Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast Convention, resolutions Jun-37
  31 Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast Convention, proceedings June 7-8, 1937
  32 Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast Convention, proceedings 9-Jun-37
  33 Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast Convention, proceedings June 10-12, 1937
  34 Martin, Paul, correspondence 1954-1955
  35 Maryland (and D. C.) State IUC, correspondence, speech 1944, 1953
  36 Mash, P. J., correspondence Aug-54
  37 Massachusetts State IUC, speech, clipping, bulletin 1937, 1942-1943, 1953
  38 Masse, Benjamin, correspondence Jun-53
  39 Matais, Joseph, correspondence 18-Jan-55
  40 Matie, Harry Van, correspondence Jun-54
Box Folder
20 1 May, Donald, correspondence 1-Dec-59
  2 Mayflower Hotel, strike, clippings 10-Mar-39
  3 McAdory versus CIO (Alabama-Bradford Act), court testimony Sep-44
  4 McCarthy, Eugene, correspondence 17-Jul-58
  5 McClellan Committee, clippings 1957
  6 McCluskey, Faber, correspondence 1942-1943
  7 McDonald, David (USW), correspondence 1954, 1958-1962
  8 McDonald, David J. (USW), speeches 1957
  9 McGovern, Father, correspondence 19-Jun-62
  10 McGowan, Reverend Raymond, correspondence, speech, clipping 1941, 1953, 1958
  11 Meany, George, correspondence, clipping 1952, 1955-1959
  12 Mendenhall, Paul, correspondence March-April 1960
  13 Merritt, Marjorie, correspondence Oct-53
  14 Mexico's Labor Problem Panel, speech, flyer 27-Jun-38
  15 Michigan State IUC, convention, speeches 1939, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1950
  16 Michigan State IUC, clippings 1944
  17 Michigan State IUC, correspondence Dec-46
  18 Miller, Frieda, correspondence 4-Feb-49
  19 Miller, Spencer, correspondence 30-Jul-53
  20 Milwaukee IUC, factionalism, clippings 1944-1945
  21 Milwaukee IUC, factionalism, clippings January-September 1946
  22 Milwaukee IUC, factionalism, clippings Oct-46
  23 Milwaukee IUC, factionalism, clippings Nov-46
  24 Milwaukee IUC, factionalism, clippings Dec-46
  25 Mine Industry, Britain, clipping 1938
  26 Minnesota State IUC, speeches 1937, 1941-1942
  27 Minnesota State IUC, correspondence 1942
  28 Missouri State IUC, speech, clipping 1942, 1946
  29 Mitchell, James, correspondence 26-Nov-43
  30 Monaghan, Reverend John, correspondence Aug-57
  31 Montana State IUC, speech, correspondence, clippings 1938, 1944
  32 Montana State IUC, convention, minutes and resolutions May 5-6, 1947
  33 Mooney, Tom, Defense Fund, speeches, correspondence, congressional hearing 1938, 1940
  34 Morrison, Phoebe, correspondence 4-Mar-49
  35 Mother Jones, poem about by A. H. Burke 1939
  36 Mullen, Joseph, correspondence January 10 [c. 1954]
  37 Mundelein College, speech Aug-38
  38 Mural depicting Jews flight to United States, clipping May-38
  39 Murphy, Judge Frank, Supreme Court decisions Oct-39
  40 Murray, Phil, form letters to CIO affiliates December 1940-March 1941
  41 Murray, Phil, death, clippings Nov-52
  42 Murray, Phil, death, speeches ("In Memory of Phil Murray") 1952-1953
  43 Murray, Phil, honorary dinner, program Jan-49
  44 Murray, Phil, Industry Union Council Plan, speech 7-Jul-41
Box Folder
21 1 Murray, Phil, Memorial, releases, (CIO and SAD, NCWC) October-November 6
          John Brophy
  3 Murray, Phil, prices and wages, statements 1943
  4 Murray, Phil, retrospective comments on [c. 1962]
  5 National Association of Social Workers-Detroit Chapter, program announcement 27-Apr-60
  6 National Broadcasting Company, correspondence August 1955
  7 National Catholic Rural Life Conference, speech Nov-49
  8 National Catholic Welfare Conference, news service, correspondence 1941, 1950
  9 National Conference of Catholic Charities, speech Sep-57
  10 National Conference of Social Work, speech 1939, 1946
  11 National Council of Senior Citizens, executive board minutes September 1962, January 1963
  12 National Council of Senior Citizens, Medicare report Nov-62
  13 National Council of Senior Citizens, correspondence 1962
  14 National Council of Senior Citizens, health insurance benefits act of 1961 (HR 4222) 13-Feb-61
  15 National Council of Senior Citizens, flyers, constitution 1962
  16 National Defense Mediation Board, member list, clipping, letter of appointment 1941
  17 National Emergency Conference for Democratic Rights, correspondence February-April 1940
  18 National Farmers Union, statement to Republican Party 19-Jun-40
  19 National Grays Harbor Committee, correspondence, report Apr-40
  20 National Labor and Religion Foundation, speech 1-Oct-36
  21 National Maritime Union of America, correspondence, press releases 1939-1940, 1954
  22 National Social Welfare Assembly, reports, minutes, correspondence 1961-1963
  23 National War Labor Board, clippings, letters of appointment and resignation, correspondence, press release, certificate 1942-1945
  24 Nelson, James, correspondence March-April 1954
  25 New Britain IUC, clippings 5-Jan-40
  26 New Jersey State IUC, correspondence, speech 1938, 1942
  27 New Jersey IUC mass meeting, speech Jun-39
  28 New Orleans Taxi Strike, correspondence, clippings June-July 1938
  29 News Research Service, newsletter 16-Aug-39
  30 (Greater) New York IUC, correspondence September 1940-May 1942
  31 New York Peace Committee for April 6th, correspondence, press release Mar-40
  32 New York State IUC, convention, speeches 1938-1939, 1942, 1944
  33 New York State IUC, report, "A Report on the Illegal Tactics of a Minority Clique which sought to seize control of the CIO convention in New York State" September 20-21, 1940
  34 New York Times seminar, speech ("National Affairs") Apr-46
  35 Nichols, John W., correspondence 24-Apr-57
  36 Nixon, Richard, comments on [c. 1955-1958]
  37 Noll, Reverend John, correspondence 23-Sep-38
  38 Northern California CIO, correspondence September 14, 1939, February 6, 1948
  39 Nugent, Reverend David, correspondence 5-Dec-50
  40 Nutter, Donald, correspondence 28-Aug-61
  41 O'Boyle, Reverend Patrick, correspondence 8-Sep-53
  42 O'Brien, James, correspondence 18-Nov-57
  43 Office of War Information, press releases, correspondence 1942-1943, 1946
Box Folder
22 1 Ohio State IUC, convention, speech, clippings 1938, 1942-1943
  2 Oil Workers International Union, convention, correspondence, clipping, speech 1937-1938
  3 O'Leary, Loyola, correspondence 4-May-53
  4 Oliver, E. L., correspondence 1937-1938
  5 Omaha United Community Campaign, speech Sep-57
  6 Oregon State IUC, clippings, correspondence, speech 1942, 1944
  7 Our Sunday Visitor, correspondence 1937
  8 Palumbo, Samuel, (UMW Local #7563), correspondence Feb-42
  9 Parsons, H, correspondence [c. 1954]
  10 Patrice, Sister Mary, correspondence Mar-59
  11 Paul and Ben [?], correspondence Jun-43
  12 Paul, Elliot, correspondence 16-Feb-40
  13 Peek, George N., memo 15-Jun-40
  14 Pelling, Henry, correspondence 1956-1957
  15 Pennsylvania Federation of Labor, convention excerpts 1936
  16 Pennsylvania State IUC, correspondence 1941, 1953-1954
  17 Pennsylvania State IUC, convention, speeches 1939, 1941-1944
  18 Pennsylvania State IUC, clippings 1940-1941, 1944
  19 Pennsylvania State IUC, convention reports, speeches, resolutions 1953
  20 Pennsylvania State IUC, convention proceedings, reports 1954-1955
  21 Pennsylvania State IUC, correspondence 1957-1958
  22 Percy, Robert, correspondence 15-Jun-43
  23 Perkins, Francis, review of book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt Nov-46
  24 Perlis, Leo, correspondence, clippings 1956-1957, 1960-1962
  25 Pettis, Andrew, correspondence 22-May-60
  26 Peyer, Charles, correspondence 23-Mar-57
  27 Philadelphia IUC, meeting report Dec-37
  28 Philco Radio Corporation, correspondence Jun-37
  29 Pittsburg Catholic, correspondence 1937-1938
  30 Pittsburgh flood, clipping 18-Apr-36
  31 Plum, Edwin, correspondence 1963
  32 Post-War Planning, roundtable with Brophy, Carey and Walsh, transcript 2-Jan-44
  33 Powell, Dr., "Recent Trends in Industrial Sociology," article [c. 1955]
  34 Pressman, Lee, proposal CIO constitutional charges Oct-40
  35 Price control, statement 23-Jul-48
  36 Priest's school of social action, correspondence, speech September-October 1938
  37 Princeton University, correspondence 1947, 1949
  38 Probst, T. E., correspondence 2-Jul-43
  39 Progressive Miners of America, Toohey, Patrick, correspondence Apr-38
  40 Public Affairs Committee, "Jobs After Forty," article Sep-39
  41 Puerto Rican workers, conference, report, memo, clipping 1950-1952
  42 Ragland, James, correspondence 25-Aug-55
  43 Rail and Airline Industry wage controls, press release 6-Feb-53
  44 Raskin, A. H., "Basic Elements of the Labor Problem," article Sep-49
  45 Reader's Digest, correspondence 28-Apr-58
  46 Red Cross, correspondence 5-May-61
  47 Rice, Father Charles Owen, clippings, correspondence 1937, 1947, 1960-1961
  48 Ritchie, James, correspondence Jul-43
  49 Roosevelt, Franklin, address to congress Jan-38
  50 Ross, Malcolm, correspondence Apr-59
  51 Russell, Francis, correspondence 26-Dec-50
Box Folder
23 1 Sailor's Union of the Pacific, correspondence 1937
  2 St. John's Indian School and Mission, correspondence 28-Feb-55
  3 Saloman, Howard, correspondence Feb-59
  4 San Francisco District Council #2, Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast, correspondence 14-Mar-38
  5 Saposs, David, article, outlines, speeches 1937, 1953-1955
  6 Scandinavian Labor Education Workshop, correspondence, notes, article September-October 1953
  7 Scandinavian Labor Trip, reports, clippings, correspondence September-October 1956
  8 Scandinavian Seamen's Club, press release 11-Apr-40
  9 Schnepp, Gerald, correspondence 1957-1960
  10 Scholle, August, testimonial dinner, correspondence October-November 1962
  11 Scottish Farm Servants Union, speech 6-Sep-38
  12 Seattle IUC, minutes January-June 1940
  13 Senior Citizens for Johnson (Augustus Johnson), draft correspondence [c. 1961]
  14 Serra International Club, correspondence 1962
  15 Shepherd, Perry, correspondence 30-Dec-59
  16 Shortwave radio speech 14-Feb-43
  17 Sit-down strike, clippings, press release, congressional statements 1937
  18 Slichter, Sumner, "Some Basic Issues Raised by Trade Unions," article Nov-47
  19 Smethhurst, Walter, correspondence Nov-54
  20 Smith, Anthony (CIO), correspondence 1953, 1955
  21 Social Justice publishing company, correspondence Jan-39
  22 Society of American Friends of Mexican People, "Mexican Oil-The Present Crises," by Cesar Ortiz 11-Apr-40
  23 Sodeberg, Ronald, correspondence 30-Jul-54
  24 Somer, Gerald, correspondence August-September 1959
  25 Speech list 1937-1953
  26 Stachel, Jack, correspondence 15-May-39
  27 Stark, Louis, clipping, obituary 1947, 1954
  28 Stant, Frederick, correspondence April-May 1956
  29 State, County, and Municipal Workers of America-New York, speech 28-Oct-38
  30 State taxes, (Economic Outlook) May-52
  31 Steel City Industrial Union Council, correspondence Feb-54
  32 Steel, Richard, correspondence Jun-37
  33 Steelman, John, radio address 6-Feb-43
  34 Steel Workers Organizing Committee, press release 1937
  35 Stein, Gertrude, clippings, notes 1946
  36 Steward training, workshop, report 17-Feb-60
  37 Stolberg, Ben, clippings, notes, obituary 1941-1951
  38 Subcommittee of the Industry Council Idea, outline 7-Nov-55
  39 Sweeny, Vin (USW), correspondence 1953, 1955
  40 Taft-Hartley, flyer, clipping 1947-48, 1957
  41 Tate, Juanita, correspondence 1-Jun-61
  42 Teamsters Union (Hoffa), clippings 1957, 1959, 1962
  43 Tennessee State IUC, convention, speech 1941, 1946
  44 Tennessee Valley Authority, clipping 8-Aug-54
  45 Testa, Guy, correspondence 1952-1953, 1961
  46 Texas State IUC, convention, speech 1942
  47 Textile Worker's Organizing Committee, correspondence Feb-38
  48 Textile Workers Union of America, correspondence, clipping 1943, 1961
  49 Therese, Sister Rose, correspondence 1957
  50 Thomas, Norman, correspondence Nov-55
  51 Toledo IUC, speech ("Labor and Production"), clipping Mar-42
  52 Trade, Economic Outlook, article Feb-53
  53 Transport Workers Union, speech Sep-39
  54 Truman, Harry, message on coal shortage 3-Mar-50
  55 Truman, Harry, correspondence 13-Jan-53
  56 Tyrer, correspondence Jan-51
  57 Unemployment, speeches, reports, press releases 1938-1939
  58 Union counseling manual [c. 1958]
Box Folder
24 1 Union for Democratic Action, correspondence, speech 1941
  2 Union News Service, CIO chronology 1936-1937
  3 United Automobile Workers, Addes, George, correspondence Jun-38
  4 United Automobile Workers, Allis-Chalmers, clippings Jan-47
  5 United Automobile Workers, convention, speeches 1936, 1939 [c. 1949]
  6 United Automobile Workers, clippings 1937
  7 United Automobile Workers, clippings 1938, 1941
  8 United Automobile Workers, clippings 1956
  9 United Automobile Workers (Curtis Wright Plant), Dragon, Nicholas, correspondence (with Allen Haywood) 15-Apr-42
  10 United Automobile Workers factionalism, clippings 1938
  11 United Automobile Workers, Flint sit-down strike, correspondence, notes, press releases November 1936-January 1937
  12 United Automobile Workers, Flint sit-down strike, correspondence, press releases, agreements February-April 1937
  13 United Automobile Workers, Ford campaign, correspondence, broadcast 1940-1941
  14 United Automobile Workers, Frankensteen, Richard, correspondence (with Ralph Hetzell) 10-Nov-37
  15 United Automobile Workers, letter to locals Feb-39
  16 United Automobile Workers, Local #9, Bouchard, Arthur, correspondence March-April 1948
  17 United Automobile Workers, Local #12, correspondence 24-Oct-61
  18 United Automobile Workers, Martin, Homer, correspondence, press release 1937-1938
  19 United Automobile Workers, Mazey, Emil, correspondence 26-Mar-58
  20 United Automobile Workers, Medical Research Institute, report [c. 1938]
  21 United Automobile Workers, Mortimer, Wyndam, correspondence 1937-1940
  22 United Automobile Workers, O'Halloran, C. V., correspondence 11-Feb-48
  23 United Automobile Workers, Reuther, Walter, clippings 1948
  24 United Automobile Workers, Reuther, Walter, correspondence 1947-1948, 1955-1958
  25 United Automobile Workers, Silverman, Harry, correspondence 30-Jun-41
  26 United Automobile Workers, Smith, Tucker, correspondence Oct-37
  27 United Automobile Workers, Thomas, RJ, report to CIO executive board Jun-39
  28 United Automobile Workers, World War II, press releases 1943, 1945
  29 United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America, "Developments in Farmer-Labor Cooperation," report [c. 1938]
  30 United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America, correspondence, clippings, speeches 1937-1938
  31 United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America, convention, "Food for Victory," program Oct-42
  32 United Community Services, correspondence 13-Mar-58
  33 United Federal Workers, speeches 1938, 1943
  34 United Fund Labor Management Rally, speech Sep-58
  35 United Fund Rally, speech Oct-58
  36 United Furniture Workers Union, convention, clipping 18-Feb-39
  37 United Labor Policy Committee, statements December 1950-February 1951
  38 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1939
  39 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings, press releases 1940
  40 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1941
  41 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings, press releases 1942
  42 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1943
  43 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings Dec-45
Box Folder
25 1 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1946
  2 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1947
  3 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1948
  4 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1949
  5 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1950
  6 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1952-1953
  7 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1954
  8 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1955
  9 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1956
  10 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1957
  11 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1960
  12 United Mine Workers of America/Coal Industry, clippings 1961-1962
  13 United Mine Workers of America District #2, wage report 4-Apr-40
  14 United Mine Workers of America District #12, Progressive Miners of America, flyer May-39
  15 United Mine Workers of America District #19, letter to members [c. 1938]
  16 United Mine Workers of America District #20, Mitch, William report May-42
  17 United Mine Workers of America District #50, Gas and Coke Industry, report 24-Mar-36
  18 United Mine Workers of America District #50, correspondence March-April 1942
  19 United Mine Workers of America Local #1386 (Nanty-Glo), correspondence, clippings 1940-1943, 1954, 1961-1962
  20 United Mine Workers of America Local #3715 (Louis Watychowiz), correspondence 15-Jun-42
  21 United Mine Workers of America Policy Committee Proposals 11-Mar-39
  22 United Mine Workers of America, resolutions Jun-54
  23 United Mine Workers of America, resolutions (drafted by Brophy) 1942-1943
  24 United Mine Workers of America, "Statement on Financial Relationship of United Mine Workers and CIO" May-42
  25 United Mine Workers of America, wage agreements (Appalachian, southern) 1937, 1941
  26 United Mine Workers of America, Welfare Fund, benefits, announcement 30-Dec-60
  27 United Mine Workers of America, United Nations, clipping Apr-45
  28 United Paper Mill Workers, Local #398, speech excerpts Apr-38
  29 United Retail and Wholesale Employees of America, correspondence, speech 1938-1939, 1946
  30 United Retail and Wholesale Employees of America, Samuel Wolchok, correspondence 1940, 1947
  31 United Rubber Workers, correspondence, speech, clippings 1936, 1938, 1960
  32 United Shoe Workers, convention, speeches, programs 1937, 1953
  33 United Steelworkers, form letter to members Nov-59
  34 United Steelworkers District #13, correspondence December 1957-January 1958
  35 United Steelworkers District #30, correspondence 23-Sep-58
  36 United Steelworkers, Local #2635, correspondence 6-Jul-56
  37 United Steelworkers, convention, speech 1944
Box Folder
26 1 United Steelworkers/Steel Industry, clippings 1954
  2 United Steelworkers/Steel Industry, clippings 1956
  3 United Steelworkers/Steel Industry, clippings 1957
  4 United Steelworkers/Steel Industry, clippings 1960
  5 United Steelworkers, steel settlement, clippings, notes, correspondence 1953
  6 United Steelworkers, steel settlement, clippings, correspondence 1955
  7 United Steelworkers, wage policy, clipping Dec-51
  8 United Sugar Refinery Workers LIUs, convention, minutes Jun-40
  9 Utility Workers Organizing Committee, formation of, report 29-Jan-38
  10 Utah State IUC, convention, speeches 1942, 1945
  11 Vance, R. E., correspondence 1956
  12 Verrett, Patricia, correspondence 30-Sep-62
  13 Virginia State IUC, convention, clippings, speech May-44
  14 Wage Stabilization Board, Bituminous Coal Agreement, statements, exhibit September-October 1952
  15 Wage Stabilization Board, Bituminous coal industry, affidavits 1954
  16 Wage Stabilization Board, coal industry, report 14-Oct-52
  17 Wage Stabilization Board, coal wage settlement, clippings 1952
  18 Wage Stabilization Board, communist charges against Brophy, clippings May-August 1952
  19 Wage Stabilization Board, CIO Position [c. 1952]
  20 Wage Stabilization Board, Cox Archibald, statement to American Bar Association 16-Sep-52
  21 Wage Stabilization Board, Economic Stabilization Agency, statements to, 1952
  22 Wage Stabilization Board, Ellis Arrnall statement to Senate Committee on steel 16-Apr-52
  23 Wage Stabilization Board, executive meeting, transcripts 18-Oct-52
  24 Wage Stabilization Board, HR 532, member statements to House May-52
  25 Wage Stabilization Board, House investigation testimony 27-May-52
  26 Wage Stabilization Board, industry members press releases Mar-52
  27 Wage Stabilization Board, labor members press conference, transcripts 22-Oct-52
  28 Wage Stabilization Board, labor members press release 7-Jan-53
  29 Wage Stabilization Board, press conference, transcripts Oct-52
  30 Wage Stabilization Board, public members press conference, transcripts Dec-52
  31 Wage Stabilization Board, press releases 1950-1953
  32 Wage Stabilization Board, public member statements on coal industry 1952
Box Folder
27 1 Wage Stabilization Board, reports ("Current Board Developments") July-October 1952
  2 Wage Stabilization Board, Taylor, George, report Aug-51
  3 Wage Stabilization Board, steel industry, notes, pamphlets, releases, reports 1952
  4 Wage Stabilization Board, Truman, Harry, correspondence, statements 1952
  5 Wage Stabilization Board, UAW Local #506 (Ryan Aeronautical), case review [c. 1952]
  6 Wage and board statistics 1939-1953
  7 Wage Stabilization Board, "Wages in a national emergency...the why and how of wage stabilization," report 1951
  8 Wage Stabilization Board, Wier, Roy, correspondence 17-Jul-52
  9 Wage Stabilization Board, Weiss, Harry, correspondence 1952-1954
  10 Wage Stabilization Board, Wier, Roy, correspondence Jul-52
  11 War production, speech 1944
  12 Washington State IUC, convention, proceedings Sep-38
  13 Washington State IUC, correspondence Feb-47
  14 Wayne County IUC, correspondence, clippings 1943, 1945
  15 Weber, Ed, correspondence Nov-54
  16 Wechsler, James, correspondence 11-Nov-43
  17 Welsh, Bill, correspondence 28-Dec-40
  18 West Virginia State IUC, speech ("Labor Unity and the war") Jul-42
  19 WEVD, "Organizing the Unorganized in 1936," address 29-Dec-36
  20 White House conference on Aging, correspondence 14-Apr-61
  21 Whitehouse, Al, correspondence 1957-1960
  22 WIND, speech 14-Feb-39
  23 Winter, Ella, correspondence May-40
  24 Wisconsin State CIO, clipping 17-Dec-46
  25 Wolters, Reverend Gilbert (St. Benedict's College), correspondence Feb-51
  26 Work, correspondence May-June 1953
  27 Workers' Education Conference, speech, clipping February-March 1942
  28 Workers' Education Local #189, workers education conference, notes Oct-58
  29 World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), American Association for a Democratic Germany, report ("Political Development in Berlin") Feb-46
  30 WFTU, conference, background materials Feb-45
  31 WFTU, clippings, press releases 1945
  32 WFTU, conferences, Allen Haywood statement 15-Feb-45
  33 WFTU, conference, Allied War Effort statement Feb-45
  34 WFTU, conference call [c. 1944]
  35 WFTU, constitution, CIO policy statements Feb-45
  36 WFTU, conference, convenor's notice [c. September 1945]
  37 WFTU, conference, James Carey statement 10-Feb-45
  38 WFTU, conference, Joseph Curran statement Feb-45
  39 WFTU, conference, post-war reconstruction statement Feb-45
  40 WFTU, conference, preamble 1945
  41 WFTU, conference, Reid Robinson statement February 6, 1945, February 16, 1945
  42 WFTU, conference, R. J. Thomas statement 8-Feb-45
  43 WFTU, conference, Sidney Hillman statements Feb-45
  44 WFTU, conference, trade unions and peace settlement Feb-45
  45 WFTU, constitutions (drafts and final) 1945
Box Folder
28 1 WFTU, correspondence 1944-1945
  2 WFTU, draft regulations for International Trade Department [c. 1945]
  3 WFTU, Information Bulletin December 15, 1945-February 15, 1946
  4 WFTU, notes on draft statistics Mar-45
  5 WFTU, preparatory committee, agenda, proposals April-December 1944
  6 WFTU, preparatory committee, CIO delegates report [c. December 1944]
  7 WFTU, conference, CIO delegates report [c. February 1945]
  8 WFTU, conference, CIO delegates report Feb-46
  9 WFTU, conference, "Report on World Unity," CIO delegates report Nov-45
  10 WFTU, United Nations-WFTU relationship, resolution 5-Jul-46
  11 WFTU, conference, resolutions (English and French) September-October 1945
  12 WFTU, weekly report on CIO projects in Europe 14-Jan-46
  13 WFTU, world democracy statement [c. 1945]
  14 World War II, CIO press releases 1941-1945
  15 World War II, labor relations, clippings 1942-1943
  16 Weigel, S. J., quotation 1958
  17 YMCA, conference ("Human Relations in Industry"), correspondence, clippings, speech October-November 1956
Subseries 2.2: Scrapbook Subseries, 1938-1941 (1 box)
Box Folder
28 18 Scrapbook #4 (1938-1941), pp 1-10 (copies) 1938
  19 Scrapbook #4 (1938-1941), pp 11-20 (copies) 1938-1939
  20 Scrapbook #4 (1938-1941), pp 21-30 (copies) 1939-1940
  21 Scrapbook #4 (1938-1941), pp 31-36 (copies) 1941
Series 3: Personal Papers, 1917-1963 (13 boxes)
Subseries 3.1 contains correspondence between John Brophy and his family and with the Columbia Conserve Company, a cooperative that he worked for in the early 1930s. Much of the correspondence is from John to his wife, written during his many trips as a labor representative to foreign countries. The correspondence is organized alphabetically by trip location or correspondent.
Subseries 3.2 contains John Brophy's personal diaries. Brophy kept the diaries primarily to keep track of his location, travels, and his expenses. But he also occasionally jotted more substantive notes about the events, such as strikes, that he was involved with. The diaries are organized chronologically.
Subseries 3.3 contains materials related to Brophy's retirement lunch and memorial service. It includes correspondence, awards, and other personal ephemera and keepsakes, like his prayer book and passports. The materials are organized alphabetically by subject.
Subseries 3.4 contains John Brophy's research notes and drafts for a book on coal mining in America, a history of the CIO, and Brophy's autobiography. It also includes correspondence related to attempts to get his work published. It includes a completed but unpublished draft of American Coal Miner, a draft of his unpublished history of the CIO ("Twenty Years With The CIO?) and a draft of his autobiography which formed the basis for his published autobiography. The research notes used to write American Coal Miner are also in this subseries. The records are organized by title or subject and in alphabetical order.
Subseries 3.5 contains transcripts of interviews with John Brophy, Adolph Germer, and Reverend Ensworth Reisner, and correspondence and notes related to the interviews. It includes an extensive interview with John Hall used to create Brophy's autobiography and a long interview done for the Columbia Oral History Project. The records are organized by subject and are arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 3.1: Family and Business Correspondence Subseries, 1927-1959 (1 box)
Box Folder
29 1 Brophy, Anita, correspondence 1937, 1954
  2 Brophy, Charles, correspondence 16-Nov-54
  3 Brophy, Jacqueline, correspondence, clipping 1954, 1959-1960
  4 Brophy, Philip, correspondence August 1954, June 1957
  5 Brophy, Philip (letters announcing father's death), correspondence 20-Feb-63
  6 Canadian tour of inspection, correspondence, (to Anita Brophy) August 4-August 12, 1940
  7 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence Feb-33
  8 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence March-April 1933
  9 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence May 3-10, 1933
  10 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence May 11-16, 1933
  11 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence May 18-23, 1933
  12 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence May 26-31, 1933
  13 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence Jun-33
  14 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence Sep-43
  15 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence 1955
  16 Columbia Conserve Company, correspondence Dec-55
  17 Columbia Conserve Company, reports flyers, pamphlets, articles [c. 1930s]
  18 CIO Delegation to Puerto Rico, program, correspondence (from Anita Brophy) January 31-February 5, 1950
  19 Inter-American Catholic Social Action Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, correspondence (from Anita Brophy) July 29-September 7, 1948
  20 Inter-American Labor Meeting in Mexico, correspondence (to Anita Brophy) December 29, 1950-January 10, 1951
  21 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, delegation to Asia, correspondence (to Anita Brophy) June 14-28, 1950
  22 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, delegation to Asia, correspondence (to Anita Brophy) July 1-30, 1950
  23 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, delegation to Asia, correspondence (to Anita Brophy), clippings August 2-September 1, 1950
  24 Internatinal Confederation of Free Trade Unions, meeting in Milan, correspondence (to Anita Brophy) June 26-July 14, 1951
  25 International Labor Organization, meeting-Geneva, Rome, Ireland, London, Wales, correspondence (from Anita Brophy) June 12-July 13, 1949
  26 Phil Murray Memorial trip to Israel, correspondence (from Anita Brophy) September 10-October 5, 1955
  27 Scandinavian labor trip, correspondence (to Anita Brophy) August 15-September 14, 1956
  28 Trade Union Delegation to Russia, postcards (to Anita, Jackie, and Philip Brophy July 30-September 4, 1927
  29 Trade Union Delegation to Russia, correspondence (to Anita Brophy) July 27-September 5, 1927
  30 Welsh, William, correspondence 30-Jul-58
Subseries 3.2: Diaries/Appointment Books Subseries, 1917-1923, 1925-1962 (3 boxes)
Box Folder
30 1 Diaries/Appointment Books 1917-1919
  2 Diaries/Appointment Books 1920-1922
  3 Diaries/Appointment Books 1923, 1925-1926
  4 Diaries/Appointment Books 1927-1928
  5 Diaries/Appointment Books 1934-1936
Box Folder
31 1 Diaries/Appointment Books 1937-1939
  2 Diaries/Appointment Books 1940-1942
  3 Diaries/Appointment Books 1943-1945(9)
  4 Diaries/Appointment Books 1946-1948
  5 Diaries/Appointment Books 1949-1950(9)
Box Folder
32 1 Diaries/Appointment Books 1951-1953
  2 Diaries/Appointment Books 1954-1956
  3 Diaries/Appointment Books 1957-1959
  4 Diaries/Appointment Books 1960-1962
Subseries 3.3: Memorial, Death, and Ephemera Subseries, 1927-1963 (2 boxes)
Box Folder
33 1 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, resolution commending John Brophy's life 1963
  2 ICFTU and Philip Murray Foundation, medallions 1950-1954
  3 Clearfield County Sesquicentennial, program 1954
  4 Commonweal, certificate [c. 1960]
  5 Condolences to Anita Brophy, correspondence February 19-28, 1963
  6 Condolences to Anita Brophy, correspondence Mar-63
  7 Condolences to Anita Brophy, correspondence April-June 1963
  8 Condolences and mass offerings, cards February-March 1963 (1)
  9 Condolences and mass offerings, cards February-March 1963 (2)
  10 Condolences and mass offerings, cards February-March 1963 (3)
  11 Condolences and mass offerings, cards February-March 1963 (4)
  12 Condolences, telegrams February 19-21, 1963
  13 Congress of Industrial Organizations, convention credentials 1954
  14 Eulogy (Msgr. Higgins) 22-Feb-63
  15 Foreign trips, books from Finland 1955
  16 Foreign trips, passenger lists, dinner invitations 1927, 1948-1949
  17 Identification cards, address book 1950s
  18 Korea, honorary citizenship 1953
  19 Memorial service, blessings Mar-63
  20 Memorial service, mass offerings 1963
  21 Memorial service, mass offerings (Franciscan Mission Association) 1963
  22 Memorial service, tribute book Mar-63
  23 Obituaries February-March 1963
  24 Passports, applications 1927-1950
Box Folder
34 1 Prayer book 1925
  2 Retirement lunch, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Department, biographical portrait, "Fighter for Industrial Democracy" 1961
  3 Retirement lunch, biographical portrait Apr-61
  4 Retirement lunch, clippings Apr-61
  5 Retirement lunch, correspondence Aug-61
  6 Retirement lunch, invitations (unsent) Aug-61
  7 Retirement lunch, White House, correspondence 25-Jul-61
  8 Social engagements (Pennsylvania Gubernatorial inauguration), invitation 27-Jan
  9 Social engagements (White House), invitations 1938-1939, 1942, 1945, 1952
  10 Social engagements, invitations 1942-1943, 1948-1949
  11 Social engagements, invitations 1950-1951, 1954-1955
  12 Social engagements, invitations [c. 1930s-1940s]
  13 United Mine Workers, certificate, credentials 1937, 1939, 1942
  14 United Steel Workers, dues check-off cards 1942-1963
  15 War Finance Program, certificate 31-Dec-45
Subseries 3.4: Book Research and Drafts Subseries, [c. 1920s-1961] (4 boxes)
Box Folder
35 1 The American Coal Miner, book draft (110 pages) Mar-61
  2 The American Coal Miner, book draft (110 pages, copy) Mar-61
  3 American Federation of Labor, research notes from American Federation of Labor executive council reports (1931-1935) [c. 1950s]
  4 Autobiography, correspondence (on publication efforts) 1955-1961
  5 Autobiography, table of contents, clarification notes [c. 1955-1961
  6 Autobiography, chapter one, "First Recollections," draft [c. 1955-1961]
  7 Autobiography, chapter two, "Off for America," draft [c. 1955-1961]
  8 Autobiography, chapter three, "Urey, a Coal Camp," draft, notes [c. 1955-1961]
  9 Autobiography, chapter four, "On the Move," draft, notes [c. 1955-1961]
  10 Autobiography, chapter five, "The Union Progresses," draft [c. 1955-1961]
  11 Autobiography, chapter six, "Greenwich Strike," draft, notes [c. 1955-1961]
  12 Autobiography, chapter seven, "Nanty-Glo," draft [c. 1955-1961]
  13 Autobiography, chapter eight, "Michigan," draft, notes [c. 1955-1961]
  14 Autobiography, chapter nine, "Back in District 2," draft, notes [c. 1955-1961]
  15 Autobiography, chapter ten, "District Leadership is Won," draft [c. 1955-1961]