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Letter of Cardinal Gibbons, February 14, 1914

Feb. 14- 1914
Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, D.D., Rector
The Catholic University
Wash., D.C.

My dear Monsignor Shahan: -

In acknowledgment of some of the documents concerning the Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium, the splendid work undertaken jointly by the two leading Catholic Universities of Washington and Louvain, I gladly avail myself of this opportunity to congratulate you and all the distinguished scholars associated with you in the work and to encourage you to labor faithfully towards its successful completion. It not only opens up a vast mine of useful information concerning the Christian life, manners, works, and glories of our holy Religion in the Orient, but it also adds fresh laurels to the two Universities engaged in this work, which are already distinguished for their en-lightened activity and high scholarship.

With Sentiments of profound esteem, I am
faithfully yours in Xto,
J. Card. Gibbons

Letter of Cardinal Gibbons

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This letter is part of the C.S.C.O. Collection in the Archives, Manuscripts, and Museum Collection, The Catholic University of America. (Folder 23).


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